The Changing Names Of Tenerife

Fri, September 18th, 2015 - By Colin

Adapting with the times has maintained Tenerife’s place as one of the top year round holiday destinations but sometimes little tweaks to well known names of venues can catch holiday makers on the hop. Here are a few to look out for…


Auditorio Adán Martín


Auditorio Adán Martín
The elegantly designed concert hall at the entrance to Santa Cruz took on the name of the former Canary Islands President in 2011 but for easy reference and to pinpoint the location, Santa Cruz Auditorium immediately brings the hook nosed image to mind. World famous architect Santiago Calatrava made sure that the Tenerife capital projects a modern, cultural image to those arriving by road from the south or by cruise ships across the Atlantic.


Cafe del Mar


Café Del Mar
A recent change of title for the former El Faro Chill Art nightspot in CC Torviscas, just around from Puerto Colon beach. A cheery sight as you round the Costa Adeje promenade in the day, it now sports an even snazzier, multi coloured glow at night to pull the upmarket party crowd in. Farologists (light house spotters) get an even clearer view of the tower in the day as the chill out café bar below has opened up the terraces to welcome cocktail loving sun worshippers.



Avenida Los Playeros
This was a politically enforced change that took a long time to make. It’s doubtful that many visitors noticed the original name Calle General Franco high up on the walls of this main walkway that passes Los Cristianos church plaza on it’s way to the beach. A vote was held in 2012 to see which of five suggested names would get the nod from the locals and this reference to beach users was a clear winner. Not a huge change but see how many guide books show the old version.


El Medano, Costa Magallanes


Costa Magallanes
With more re-branding on the horizon, it’s going to take some getting used to the new marketing name for Granadilla de Abona. El Medano and Los Abrigos  will still be the stars of the 16 kms of rugged less developed coast that will attracts hikers, nature lovers, and families wanting a quieter break.


Hotel Tryp


Hotel Tryp
Doesn’t ring a bell? Then you wont have noticed that Hotel Princesa Dacil in the heart of Los Cristianos now has this new moniker to replace the name of the Guanche princess. The tallest building on the Avenida Juan Carlos 1, this hotel has always been a useful landmark when getting your bearings, mainly due to the name Princesa Dacil in giant letters on the roof. A key gathering point for Arona Carnaval parade spectators, let’s hope the taxi drivers have clocked the change.


Costa Adeje bus station


Estacion Costa Adeje
The former Playa de Las Americas bus station just squeezes inside the border of Costa Adeje and is in good company with the Magma exhibition centre next door and Siam Park just behind it. If you’re waiting for a green public service Titsa bus, it may roll up sooner than expected if you think of Costa Adeje as being Torviscas or La Caleta at the other extreme.

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