Caught Short on Tenerife

Fri, June 20th, 2014 - By Andrea Montgomery

Spend a penny, answer the call of nature, see a man about a dog; whatever euphemism you use for the need to go to the loo, when you’re out and about on Tenerife, finding somewhere convenient can be a challenge. Here are a few porcelain pointers…


Public toilets on Tenerife


Where to find public toilets on Tenerife
Unlike Britain, Tenerife’s public conveniences are often tucked away, rarely well signposted and are generally few and far between. My personal solution to this enduring problem is simply to stop for a coffee or a beer. Of course, that does mean I’m in the same position again before too long. I have heard it said that Spanish bars are obliged by law to let anyone use their facilities even if they don’t buy anything but I cannot find hard evidence to support that. In my experience, if you ask nicely, few places will refuse you.

The signs to watch out for are servicios (serve-issy-oss) or aseos (a-say-oss) and occasionally baños (ban-yohs), or you may simply see mujeres and hombres (ladies and gents).


Santa Cruz bus station


If you’re driving on Tenerife, petrol stations will always have toilets but you usually have to ask the cashier for the key. If you’re on the bus or tram, main bus stations like Playa de Las Américas, Santa Cruz and La Laguna are obligingly convenient. Commercial shopping centres are also good hunting grounds, particularly the larger, enclosed ones.


Public toilets on Tenerife


Large supermarkets are always a good bet. Look around the entrance area (you may have to ask a cashier for the key) or in the basement parking level. And while we’re on the subject of parking, multi-level car parks pretty much always have loos near the pedestrian access points. I can’t vouch for how ‘inviting’ they’ll be but when you’re desperate your standards tend to be more flexible.

Cool customers can simply stroll into the lobby of the nearest hotel to powder their nose. The trick here is to confidently stride in, looking as if you know exactly where the toilets are because this is where you’re staying, while frantically scanning the signs for the toilets. If you end up walking around in circles, you just might be rumbled.


Public toilets on Tenerife


Most resort beaches have toilets but if you’re not actually having a beach day, they’re not always as clean as they could be, there’s frequently a queue and you’ll get wet sand on your shoes.

Public toilets in some of Tenerife’s main resorts:
Garachico – at the bottom of the steps below Plaza de la Libertad (almost under Símon Bolivar’s feet!) and right at the western end of the lava pools, directly below the castle.
Masca – outside Casa Blanky, beyond the start of the Masca Barranco walk in the lower village.
La Orotava – in the Botanical Gardens and in the bus station.
La Laguna – there are toilets in the side entrance of the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) on Plaza Del Adelantado; in the bus station and in the Plaza Cristo market.
Teide National Park – at the Parador cafe and at the cable car station.

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  1. Richard says:

    In Puerto de la Cruz, there are toilets in Plaza Charco, under the cafe, and at the harbour.

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