When is Carnival on Tenerife?

Wed, February 16th, 2011 - By Jack Montgomery

When you search for dates for carnival on Tenerife normally Santa Cruz grabs all the carnival limelight; however, the chances are that wherever you stay on Tenerife there is going to be some sort of carnival celebrations taking place in March. Here’s our round-up of the best carnival parties on Tenerife to look out for.

Carnival in the North of Tenerife
The biggest and the best carnival on Tenerife, with the most flamboyant parades and hedonistic street parties, is in Santa Cruz. But for anyone staying in the north of Tenerife there are also fun-filled week-long celebrations in La Laguna, La Orotava and the main northern tourist resort of Puerto de la Cruz where thousands of revellers gather in the streets on a nightly basis to dance till dawn.

At all of these locations, the best events take place between 5th and 13th March.

Carnival in the South and South West Tenerife
The carnival parties in the south aren’t quite as vivacious or as grand as the celebrations in the north and as such tend to take place a week or two after the main northern carnivals end. The good news about that for serious carnival junkies is that if you’ve still got any energy left after tripping the light fantastic in Santa Cruz, the party just keeps on going.

In Los Gigantes carnival livens up the town plaza between 17th and 21st March and then it’s on to Los Cristianos where there are events from the 20th to 28th March; the best of which is the closing parade on the 28th.

Carnival on Tenerife’s South East Coast
Las Caletillas might not be one of Tenerife’s better known resorts, but it’s part of the bustling Canarian town of Candelaria which throws the biggest carnival party on the south coast. Unfortunately the dates for this year haven’t been confirmed yet. For anyone staying in Las Caletillas it’s only a short trip up the hill to Güímar, home of Tenerife’s mysterious pyramids, where there’s one of the oddest carnival events on the island; Las Burras de Güímar – a re-enactment of a battle between shape-changing witches & demons and San Miguel and his band of angels. This year the big fight takes place on the 11th March.

Carnival isn’t celebrated to the same extent in the bigger purpose-built resorts, but in Playa de las Américas and Costa Adeje many bars and clubs hold carnival theme nights.

So no matter where you’re staying on Tenerife in March, don’t forget to pack a tutu and some false breasts (men) if you want to blend in with the other carnival goers.

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