Where to go Camel Riding on Tenerife

Mon, December 15th, 2014 - By Jack Montgomery

The idea of going on a camel ride on Tenerife might seem a bit odd at first. What has Tenerife got to do with camels?

The answer is quite a lot. For a start, the Canary Islands are not far from North Africa where jumping on a camel is considered the norm. Also the arid climate of the south of wasn’t really suited to using cattle so, before mass tourism changed their world, it was common for local farmers to use an animal more suited to a water deprived terrain; the camel.

Nowadays you’re unlikely to see a camel ploughing a field but there are plenty of places on Tenerife where you can hop on the back of a ship of the desert and experience Tenerife’s countryside using one of the more unusual forms of transport available.


Camels El Tanque


The Camel Park – La Camella
You’ve just got to have camel rides near the town that’s actually named after the beasts of burden. The Camel Park is actually located between Chayofa and La Camella and is only a short drive away from the resorts of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas. As well as camels there’s a restaurant and a little animal farm with donkeys, ducks, goats and that well known farmyard favourite… parrots.

Camel Centre – El Tanque
The biggest camel park on Tenerife lies in countryside that is not exactly what you’d call typical camel country. The sight of ‘mock’ Bedouins on camel-back bouncing through the lush greenery at El Tanque, on the road linking Icod de los Vinos with Los Gigantes, is a bit strange. But the landscape here is much easier on the eye. There’s also a restaurant selling typical Canarian cuisine like rancho Canario (a local stew). The set menu is €13 whilst the camel rides are €8 for adults.


Camels at Fiesta in La Orotava

 Casa de los Camellos – Playa Paraiso
Finally, This small camel park just outside of Costa Adeje isn’t quite in Playa Paraiso but it is on the road into the south western resort that also leads to the little cove at El Puertito. There’s not a lot else here just the camels and a bar/restaurant.


Camel Park El Tanque

Other Places
Occasionally you can stumble across came rides in unlikely locations. These can come and go so you’re never quite sure where the next one will pop up. I was surprised to suddenly find camels recently at Aguamansa in the upper Orotava Valley near one of our favourite walking areas on Tenerife in the upper Orotava Valley. It’s hardly tourist central so I don’t expect the camel rides to become a permanent feature.

Although you won’t get the chance to ride one yourself, fiestas can be good places for camel spotting. For the Romeria de San Isidro in La Orotava, fiesta queens get the vibrant and exuberant show on the road by arriving perched on the backs of camels. But best of all is the Reyes Magos parades on 5 January when wise men across Tenerife ride into towns on camels to hand out gifts to off-the-scale, excited local children.

Carrying tourists, fiesta queens and kings has got to be a much nicer life than dragging a plough across hard and rocky terrain.

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