Callao Salvaje Offers Fine art And A Fine Beach

Wed, December 11th, 2013 - By Colin

There are always new reasons to revisit Tenerife resorts, Callao Salvaje has won many new friends since the Playa Ajabo beach was upgraded in 2012. Now there is a major art exhibition to enjoy, featuring eight diversely talented painters, photographers, and sculptors.


Callao Salvaje Art exhibition, Gunther Muller


The former Policlinica in the Perla Blanca is staging its second major show and after years of boosting physical health it is now delivering a treat for the mind and soul. It’s a multi-national line up of artists such as Gunther Muller, her digital portraits lured me in with clever merging of images that really please the eye.

Some of the exhibitors like Raico Rosenberg use the camera to highlight the beauty of landscapes with a little bit of magic mixed in to create a surreal dreamscape. The Magnificent Wilderness, inspired by an American view, won an international competition but you will also see some of his familiar Tenerife creations.


Callao Salvaje Art exhibition, Raico Rosenberg


An old medical centre would not be most people’s first choice for an art show but the Policlinica is large and airy and allows the works to flow along the corridors and into the former consulting rooms. Perched on the edge of the rocky west coast, the views and abundant natural light ensure this is no stuffy art gallery like the ones you were forced around on school trips. Krzystof Jabubczyk from Poland captured a bit of the medical theme with his photos pegged up like x rays, it all adds to the informal feel.


Callao Salvaje art exhibition, Krzysztof Jakubczyk


There are plenty of ceramics and sculptures from Jeannette Muller spread around the display areas, many of them on a smaller scale and price range, their interesting shapes and textures help to increase the variety of the works on offer. All exhibits are for sale, it’s not just large pieces, and prints and postcards make great gifts from just a few euros.


Callao Salvaje art exhibition, Jeannette Mueller

Nika Langer specializes in larger paintings, they are really striking with a bold use of colour and will stop you in your tracks. Norbert Krienen fell in love with the landscapes of Tenerife many years and visits ago and now pays tribute to them through his expressive water colours. Magdalena Pierwocha, another Polish exhibitor has won prizes for photography and painting and it’s easy to see why from her entries here. If you like something a little different then Roland Heyders will make you smile with his visual stories on canvas, all a bit quirky and daring to please.


Callao Salvaje art exhibition, Nika Langer


If you’re breaking your journey from Los Cristianos or Playa de Las Americas to Los Gigantes, pop into Callao Salvaje and enjoy the beach and take a stroll around the Policlinica – it’s a real tonic.

Tendencias Realistas – Policlinica Callao Salvaje, Avenida La Lava, open Thursday to Sunday 2 to 7 pm until 26 January 2014.

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