Come On In, The New Callao Salvaje Beach Is Lovely

Wed, May 23rd, 2012 - By Colin

Compared to the seismic evolution of Tenerife, the wait for the revamp of Playa Ajabo in Callao Salvaje has been a mere blink of an eye. To the residents and regular visitors of this popular west coast resort it’s seemed an eternity since the upgrade of a basic and unprotected cove was first discussed 10 years ago.

New beach at Callao Salvaje

After many false dawns there was a civic inauguration on 18 May 2012 and a few days later I was crunching my way down to the shoreline as bathers, divers, and sun worshippers frolicked in the sand.

New beach at Callao Salvaje

The overall look is a triumph, a smooth covering of dark shingle type sand with a couple of rocky intrusions that give it some character and interesting focal points to lean on, against, and to snuggle near for a little privacy. Sand isn’t all the same. Las Vistas at Los Cristianos has a fine golden variety imported at huge cost, Playa de Las Americas has hard compacted layer of dark volcanic sand, and Playa San Juan just up the coast needed several attempts to get a mix that wouldn’t wash away with the tide. A series of small dykes has tamed the worst surges off Callao Salvaje to encourage swimming but just beyond either side of the cove the sea is still strong and forceful to match the craggy rocks.

Callao Salvaje beach

Callao Salvaje in Costa Adeje is a sedate village resort and there were barely 50 people wiggling their toes in the sand. Even local resorts like Pearly Grey with it’s own swimming pools is proud to have this new attraction and children were splashing their approval as I mooched around.

There is still quite a lot to do, a changing area and kiosk have yet to be brought into play but a shower at the back of the beach allows a refreshing clean up, and benches and rubbish bins were already tempting a few to combine a home made snack with some sea air. The landscaping at the back is already softening the overall look and as the plants and flowers mature it will add another dimension. The restless can head up onto the cliff side path and check out the next resort of Playa Paraiso but there is a small ravine to negotiate if you want to make the whole journey.

Callao Salvaje beach

Back at the beach the sea was lapping and the bodies were sizzling, after two previous visits to check the work’s progress I arrived with my grumpy cynical head on but I’m pleased to say this is one fine beach.

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