Cafeteria Mi Jardin, Nature’s Garden In Los Cristianos

Mon, December 24th, 2012 - By Colin

There’s no fighting that moment when your appetite spots just what it fancies. I had been meaning to try Cafeteria Mi Jardin in Los Cristianos for a while but the special offer of Chicken in Garlic and Lemon with Canarian Potatoes finally pulled me in.
Fresh home made food is their boast and I had noticed before that the menu is constantly being updated with new temptations. The tapas choice reflects the Tenerife influence and was tweaked by host Maggie Dogarel, originally from Romania, to include dates with bacon, and stuffed peppers, all for just two euros a selection on my visit.


 Mi Jardin, Los Cristianos


The vibrant pink and green frontage makes Mi Jardin stand out in the Valle Menendez back street behind the cultural centre. I remember it as a basic bar converted from a garage but it now has a cosy and welcoming feel thanks to the trailing plants on the walls and the toys and statues peeking out of the hedgerow down both sides. The green carpet and canopy roof also help to break down the straight lines and make the inside seem larger than it appears from the outside.


Mi Jardin, Los Cristianos


The chicken was soft and plentiful with the accompanying garlic and lemon tasty but not too strong and well matched with the potatoes. Looking around I noticed lots of attentive little touches like the tooth pick holder shaped like a slice of gateaux and the small Buddha holding a menu. The shelves and counters near the serving area were crammed with produce and ornaments like a busy country kitchen but for more modern distractions free WiFi is available.


Mi Jardin, Los Cristianos


A second look was definitely called for so this time I hit the main menu and tried Dorada a La Espalda , a large cheeky sea bream falling off the bones to frolic with my old friends the Canarian potatoes. It was very filling and well cooked and as I devoured it I discovered a few more woodland creatures peeking out from the sidelines. There was another new supplement to the menu, this time a spectrum of burgers ranging from the standard beef variety through chicken and lamb all with generous servings of salad.


Mi Jardin, Los Cristianos


Coffee and cake had already ticked a date in my diary for a snack visit and Maggie offered added temptation with a change to the tapas choice a few days later. I think I better keep an eye on Mi Jardin, there’s still plenty for me to sample.

Cafeteria Mi Jardin; Valle Menendez, Los Cristianos; Open 10 am to 12pm, Closed Sunday. Tel 922793256

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