Where To Buy Organic Produce on Tenerife

Mon, April 14th, 2014 - By Andrea Montgomery

The Gobierno de Canarias (Canary Islands Government) announced this week that there would be an additional 1.52 million Euros of subsidies available to continue to support 691 farmers and livestock rearers across the Canary Islands who are committed to moving to organic methods of production.


Organic farming on Tenerife


Broadly defined as not using any artificial supplements such as fertilisers or pesticides in farming methods, organic farming is increasingly becoming not just a lifestyle choice, but an essential step to ensure the long term sustainability of food production and livestock rearing on the islands. Working with the nutrients and micro-organisms in the soil, organic farming aims to improve the fertility of its growing medium year on year rather than exploit and pollute it to the point where it degrades to useless.

Clearly, switching from traditional farming methods to an organic approach takes time and money. Protecting crops from disease while still ensuring effective pollination becomes a much more difficult business and inevitably, yields are lower. It takes on average 36 months for soils to recover from the use of artificial supplements which means crops and livestock cannot be certified as organic in less time than that. The subsidies will help to supplement the loss in earnings being experienced by those farmers and livestock rearers switching to organic methods.


Candelaria Market, Tenerife


As consumers, it means we pay a little more for our organic meat, fruit and vegetables but it also means we are assured of not introducing pollutants into our bodies through our food which means a healthier diet and long term health benefits. Plus, we’ll be helping the environment by supporting these businesses.


Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa, Santa Cruz


Tenerife has more organic farmers than any other island in the Canaries with more than 100 registered organic producers which means it’s relatively easy for Tenerife residents and visitors to regularly pick up organic produce.

Organic food outlets on Tenerife
The largest number of outlets where you can buy certified organic foods are in the La Laguna area and you’ll find three great stalls in the La Laguna market on Plaza Cristo – La Eco Recova, El Puesto Ecológico and Nerea who has lots of organic herbs too. Tegueste, one of Tenerife’s prettiest villages, has a Saturday and Sunday morning market with two excellent stalls – Rosa Luz and Marcelo.


La Laguna Market


In Santa Cruz you’ll find La Tajea and La Venta Verde in the Señora de Africa market and in Candelaria you’ll find Sabia on Saturday mornings in the little market in front of the car park.

In the south, the Sunday morning agricultural market in Guímar Plaza Ayuntamiento is where you’ll find Finca El Dial and Mercedes Bello and you can pick up organic honey and fruits from Dagmar and Olivia. If you’re in or around Granadilla, head to the agricultural market behind the T-Gas petrol station in San Isidro on Saturday and Sunday mornings where you’ll find Teresa Marrero. On Saturday and Sunday mornings in Adeje Agricultural Market, look out for Tierra y Vida and Generoso.


You can also find a small selection of organic produce in many of the island’s major supermarkets – look out for the stamp of authenticity – and enjoy happy, healthy eating.

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13 Responses to “Where To Buy Organic Produce on Tenerife”

  1. Steven says:

    Why on earth are farmers making high end products subsidised during an economic crisis? Why not let those who want highend products pay the full cost, rather than taxing people who can’t afford them or don’t want them?

    • Hi Steven, I’m sure you’re not the only one with a similar view and thank you for sharing it.
      My response would be that organic produce is not a “high end product” but rather the only viable option for sustainable agriculture on Tenerife and as such, one which the government is right to promote. For far too long producers have polluted the soil with fertilisers and pesticides in order to produce ever higher yields at lower quality. In the long run, when the island can no longer sustain its own internal consumer market and is forced to import all its meat, fruit and vegetables, we’ll all be paying a whole lot more! On a side note – if you do the maths on the subsidies vs the number of producers it’s between, there isn’t an awful lot to go round.

  2. Steven (coincidently) says:

    Hello Andrea,

    I was wondering whether you could advise me on where to find certified organic food as well as restaurants in the South of Tenerife in and around Arona preferably please?

    Myself and my family are organic consumers and we are visiting my mother who lives in Arona this month. I did ask her but she doesn’t really know much about organic food.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



    • Hi Steven,
      Most large supermarkets have an organics section and your mum should be able to point you to your nearest one. For fruit and veg you should head to one of the farmer’s markets listed here, Granadilla or Adeje would probably be your nearest. In terms of restaurants, I know there’s a restaurant in Los Cristianos called The Spaghetti House (near the HG Cristian Sur apartments) which purports to use organic ingredients but I think your best bet would be to ask when you’re at the farmer’s markets.

  3. Mira says:

    We will be going to Golf del Sur next month and will use taxi to get around. I would like to buy organic produce as we are staying at self catering accommodation. Where do you recommend us to go?
    thank you.



    • Hi Mira,
      There’s a farmers’ market in San Isidro which is close to Golf del Sur and there’s a stall run by Teresa Marrero which has organic produce. The market is behind the T Gas petrol station on the El Médano road and it’s held every Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8am to 2pm. Give the taxi driver these directions: Mercado del Agricultor de San Isidro. Cruce San Isidro. Carretera hacia El Médano. Detrás de gasolinera T-Gas.

      • Linda says:

        The San Miguel de Abona Farmers’ market is in Las Chafiras too. I confess I haven’t been there in a couple of years or more, since I’ve been closer to Granadilla, but I can’t imagine that it’s closed, since fresh food buying is only increasing in popularity. It’s open Saturday and Sunday mornings, and I have a feeling it may also open on Wednesdays, but not sure on that. There is also a much smaller version of the San Isidro market in the square in El Médano on a Wednesday morning, which is handy if you can’t wait until weekend, though there are only a handful of stalls, they cover the main stuff.

  4. Jane says:

    Steven on Mon 14 Aug 2014 was against subsidising organic food but what a lot of people don’t think about is the huge amount of money that indirectly goes into subsidising agricuture which uses chemicals. All those chemicals have to be removed from the water and that costs the water boards/companies money. If the consumer had to pay the, at present, hidden costs then chemical food would cost much more. Don’t also forget the costs people have to pay out on health care because of eating polluted food.

  5. Martina says:

    Thank you so much for all the information. Do you happen to know where can I get in north tenerife organic milk? I can’t find it…and also bit of topic..is there a holistic dentist? I am very new here.

    Ps: great answer to the first comment of Steven! I wish there would be more people like you in the world.

  6. Kristin says:

    Hi. Thanks for the information. Does anybody know where we can buy organic vegetables in Los Cristianos?

  7. alexandra says:

    Hi There is an excellent organic veg stall in the farmers’ market at Chafiras. He is there Fri, Sat and Sun in the middle aisle. I think the stall opposite him sells oils and wine. Also – there is a german bakers nearby (just past Iceland on same road) called DINKELBACKER which makes organic spelt bread – and lots of other lovely treats!

  8. Margus says:

    Hi all, I’m working currently with local farmers and hopefully we are ready in the middle of Febuary to offer our first ecological vegetable boxes with home delivery 🙂 Some fruit and veg will probably be ready earlier. Please call 675 409 478 for more information or visit bioveg.org (site is still under construction 🙂

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