Bushido, a Stylish, Friendly Approach to Gourmet Dining

Mon, April 20th, 2015 - By Linda

Bushido refers to the ideal life of a Samurai warrior. Amongst desirable lifestyle traits is frugality, which made me smile, because there is nothing frugal about the food, service or setting at Bushido restaurant on the outskirts of Los Cristianos.

Open a little over a year, it’s happily a little off the beaten track.  Five minutes by car from the town centre, with ample parking both in car park and on the street. It took me around twenty-five minutes to get there from El Médano, and is roughly fifteen from Playa de las Americas or Costa Adeje.


Bushido, Los Cristianos


The décor is a delightful mix of zen meets Morocco meets coastal chic. Tables and seating areas are dotted around terraces, providing intimate nooks. Large tables nestle under individual canopies. In the indoor dining room and the larger terrace alongside, it doesn’t have that formal layout which so often spoils a fine dining experience. The candle holders, the herb garden, the shabby-chic furnishings and the drapes all mesh to relax you. Most of the seating is outdoors, with heaters, and there is even a kiddies’ play area should you have no baby sitter.


Bushido, Los Cristianos


The service matches the décor, in that it has that almost-impossibe-to-achieve combination of efficiency and friendliness. So few places manage this, especially in the Canary Islands. In an effort to be upmarket most opt for the formal instead of the cheerful. However, not only are the Bushido staff friendly, but also knowledgeable about each dish and wine on the menu. This for me is novel in Tenerife.

Last Friday night I chose the adventure in eating which is their “Flavours of the World” taster menu. The chef sent over some amuse-bouche (which heralded well for what was ahead), caramelized chicharrones, bites of salmon in a scented dressing, dollops of rabbit paté, and nigiri with tuna and with stone bass, both local fish.


Bushido, Los Cristianos


Then came the main event, gazpacho from Spain and hummus from Arabia, both mellow and creamy; ceviche from South America made with stone bass again, and the onions so finely sliced and flavoursome that even my non-onion eating friend loved them; back to Japan for a gently fried aubergine tempura served with a miso dip; to Thailand for noodles and then back to Spain for beef stuffed with paté and served with a mild almogrote, tomato chutney and a blissful olive paté.

By now I was convinced that I couldn’t eat another mouthful, and that dessert was going to be totally wasted on me. Not so! A tray of handmade chocolates and alfajor (a biscuit filled with dulce de leche) was placed on the table. I looked, I took photos, and I thought, “No way.” Then a pretty concoction of strawberries, mango sorbet and raspberry cream arrived. One taste and I knew that it would refresh my palate, so I happily munched on. This was, without doubt, a meal to remember.


Bushido, Los Cristianos


And as if all of that wasn’t enough, downstairs Bushido hosts an intimate jazz club named Be Flat, with live performances on Fridays and Saturdays. Last Friday the jazz was mellow, and a perfect background upstairs too. I only have one place I could compare Bushido with and that is the famous Boisdale in, appropriately, London’s Canary Wharf. I have to say that it stands up brilliantly to the comparison.

Bushido is situated on “the old road” between Los Cristianos and Guaza, at Complejo Vista Hermosa 4; (+34) 922 71 97 05; the Flavours of the World Menu is priced at €30 per person and our excellent wine was €15.90 (there are less expensive lunchtime menus, but nothing was expensive for the excellent quality we received); open 1pm to 4pm and 7pm to llpm, Be Flat live music after 11pm, closed Sunday.

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