The British Sausage is not just Flavour of the Week in Tenerife

Fri, October 30th, 2015 - By Colin

Don’t underestimate them, don’t dismiss them as all one flavour, and above all don’t prick them. It’s not just British holiday makers that are sizzling in Tenerife. Just ahead of British Sausage Week (2nd to 8th November) I visited the British Sausage & Burger Company in Adeje to learn how the good old banger has won new friends of all nationalities.


British Sausage & burger Co


Owner Stuart Colliss (above right) a former fine dining chef in Brighton, gives free reign to his imagination with ever changing flavours, and Kevin Tanner (above left) keeps on top of the orders and proudly spreads the word on their tasty products. I found them preparing a bumper stock for World Cup rugby barbecues, Marmite was the latest flavour in demand. A range of chilli sauces were ready to compliment those barbecue packs, the orange scorpion chillis are part of the Tenerife input to the mix, grown at the Tenerife Chilli Farm in Guia de Isora.


Scorpion orange chillies


Canarios have welcomed the banger, chipolatas being their big favourite, Stuart explained the difference. “A normal sausage has a thinner lamb skin rather than the traditional pork cover.” I was learning a lot on my visit, next lesson, where does the name “banger” come from? “During the Second World War due to shortages, more fat, water and padding was used and that gave them a tendency to pop. You don’t need to prick ours, we ventilate them as we make them to allow in air, and the water content is dried out in the first 24 to 36 hours.”


British Sausage & Burger Co.


Lincolnshire and Cumberland were two more recognizable flavours but my eyes were busy taking in leek & Stilton, beef & Guinness, and Old English among many others. Talking of regions, they also make the square Scottish sausages which have an interesting tale of their own. “They’re called Lorne and we make them to order, there have always been two types, the Glasgow version is made with steak and is more expensive while the others are beef and pork. Rather than a skin, they are pressed to make the square shape, very nice with some brown sauce.”

Stuart took up the challenge after moving to Tenerife and finding he couldn’t get a proper banger here.“I had to learn new ways, I did most of that here but had to go back home and get expert guidance to get the mix and texture just right. Demand has been crazy, 90 chipolatas on one day and up to 800 kilos in the Christmas lead up week, we also make our own pigs in blankets.”


British Sausage & Burger Co.


Here are just a few of the outlets around Tenerife that use their sausages, they even have a regular visitor from La Gomera who collects them in cool boxes. In Los Cristianos, Margaritas; in Puerto Colon, Rewind; in Puerto de la Cruz, The Robin Hood; in Pueblo Canario, Halfway Café; in Los Gigantes, The Dolphin. You can order from the Adeje shop or just pop in. Of course I was only too keen to try some at home, the Cumberland, leek, and Old English were all packed with flavour but my favourite was the mouth tingling chilli & garlic.

British Sausage & Burger Company, 5 Calle La Vina, Adeje; open Monday to Saturday 10 am to 6 pm; tel (+34) 655 370 018; email: [email protected] 

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