British Airways to Introduce Tenerife Flights from April 2013

Fri, November 16th, 2012 - By Andrea Montgomery

I’ve just returned from the UK after attending the World Travel Market at Excel in London. Unfortunately, the timing of the event coincided with the end of the autumn mid-term school holidays in the UK and subsequently, flights were both in short supply and expensive. Faced with inflated prices, I did what many people do – I chose to fly Ryanair.


Tenerife South airport

On paper, Ryanair came in a whole €100 each way cheaper than their nearest competitors, of course that was before I paid for one case to be checked in and priority boarding so I wouldn’t have to stand in a disorderly queue for 55 minutes before being elbowed to the last seat in the plane next to the toilets. Then I had the knotty problem of fitting a laptop, camera, handbag and everything that would have taken the checked case over its 15 kilo limit, into a single piece of hand luggage that would easily slip in and out of that stupid rack they have at the check-in desk. It certainly puts paid to any airport purchases.

Still, to be fair to Ryanair, my outward bound flight to Stansted arrived a massive 45 mins early and my return flight, despite leaving the gate 40 minutes late still managed to arrive five minutes ahead of schedule.



Well now there’s some very good news indeed for everyone flying in and out of Tenerife from London. Beginning on 31st March 2013 British Airways will be flying from Gatwick to Tenerife South five times a week and according to their website as I type this today, the fare in June will be just £98 per person going out and £90 flying back into the UK.

One of the nicest things about the BA service is that it brings back that element of civilized flying that went out the window with low cost, no frills airlines. Firstly, your fare includes all taxes and charges plus one checked piece of baggage up to a sensible 23 kilos. What’s more, you can have one piece of hand luggage PLUS your laptop or handbag – I kid you not.



But the best bit of all is that when you fly BA you get complimentary in-flight drinks and snacks. It’s enough to make you read the small print again and utter expletives of amazement. For those who, like me, have legs the really good news is that you also get a decent 29″ to 31″ of legroom and I wouldn’t mind betting (although they don’t mention it in the small print) that you also get a seat pocket in which to place things. Radical.

As if all the above is not already heady enough, you can even upgrade to Business Class where, for an extra £59, you get complimentary champagne; use of the BA lounges at Gatwick; a massive 34″ of legroom; two lots of 23 kilos checked baggage allowance, a dedicated check-in and plush leather seats.

And just before I leave you drooling over the prospect of turning your flight to Tenerife from an endurance test to a pleasure, I’ll just let you know that the flight times are every bit as civilized as the service, flying out from Gatwick at 1pm (landing Tenerife 5:30pm) and back at 6:15pm (landing Gatwick 10:30pm).



Welcome back, BA 🙂

Posted : Friday, November 16th, 2012 at 11:07 am
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9 Responses to “British Airways to Introduce Tenerife Flights from April 2013”

  1. Linda says:

    I think you made me cry! Oh, and to be absolutely fair to Ryanair….all the flights into Tenerife about that period were early because there were strong tail winds? I was an hour-ish early getting back!

    • Yep, I could cry too Linda – why oh why aren’t they flying from Manchester?! And to think I even gave Ryanair the benefit of faster flying – I should have known better.
      I’m looking for an excuse to go back to London next summer just so I can fly BA! How sad am I?!

  2. Colleen Keyes says:

    I believe in Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy and that President Clinton DID NOT have sexual relations with that woman, but I just CANNOT believe what I´ve just read in your article Andrea! Makes me want to move my family to the south just so I can visit in style (instead of the cheap and not-so-cheerful Ryan Air express!) Good news indeed for Tenerife!!

    • LOL!! I Know!! That’s exactly how I felt when I did a search for flights! I only hope that they fill every aircraft and decide to expand to other cities in the UK and then to the North airport too. I honestly believe every single one of us would rather fly BA than face Ryanair again. BTW, I support wholeheartedly 2 out of 3 of your beliefs – but the Tooth Fairy? Come on! 🙂

  3. Val says:

    Wouldn’t it be lovely though if they reintroduced flights from London Heathrow too? Just a couple of times a week would suffice …

  4. Shaun Price says:

    Hi Andrea,

    I used to fly BA Manchester to Tenerife regularly until Easyjet took over the route.

    I never noticed much difference in the quality of the flight itself however there was a big difference in the experience at the airport.

    As you say it was much more civilised with BA, I hope they can re-introduce a sense of decorum to the check in experience lol

  5. I love Tenerife. I will be in that place again for a vacation.

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