Blue Fish, That’s What’s Cooking In Granadilla de Abona

Fri, June 27th, 2014 - By Colin

They live it, they cook it, they eat it, and they celebrate it. Granadilla de Abona is the municipality to head for if you want a fish dish and between 21 June and 6 July. The fifth annual Jornadas de Pescado Azul  (blue fish) has some special menus in Los Abrigos, Chimiche, and El Medano to reel you in.


Pescado Azul, Los Abrigos


Pride of place among the blue, or oily varieties, goes to tuna and at the launch presentation in Los Abrigos 100 kilos were provided by the local fishermen’s association for some show cooking, well they did have a reason to celebrate. A year ago they opened their new fish market, Lonja Pesquera, to sell the fruits of the sea direct to the catering trade and the public. The public outlet opens from 9am to 2 pm from Tuesdays to Sundays and was doing a steady trade when I peeped in. Sardines, mackerel, and chicharros will also be playing their part in the two week fish fest.


Pescado Azul, Los Abrigos


The smell of freshly caught fish was just a teaser for the show about to unfold down at the quayside. Some of the best chefs from the restaurants taking part in the promotion were ready to create culinary magic under the supervision of top chef Juan Carlos Clemente. A huge tuna was hauled onto the stage and sliced open to reveal the many cuts of meat that can be produced from this tasty and relatively bone free favourite. Terriyaki; glazed; as a sausage, steak, or as meatballs; these are just some of the guises that the tuna will take on during its time in the spotlight.


Pescado Azul, Los Abrigos


The tasting was eagerly awaited and they had prepared big racks of samples so the gathered crowd could enjoy the salads and sauces mixed in with the tuna. Good food demands good wine and Granadilla de Abona is well blessed in that area as well, I tried a few sips of red and white local wines, they were wonderful and you will be pleased to know that they are also prominent at the participating restaurants. It also helps of course to have such impressive settings to enjoy your meals in. El Medano and Los Abrigos both have a relaxed charm that makes them quite a contrast to their neighbours. From the quayside I could see Golf del Sur up the coast and the south airport is only a few minutes away.


Pescado Azul, Los Abrigos


Fish is an all year round passion in Granadilla de Abona so even if you miss the promotion you can be sure of finding the best of the catch to fill your plates, well there’s plenty more fish in the sea. Competition keeps prices keen, I noticed several of the Los Abrigos restaurants doing on going offers and the Pescado Azul meals range from €25 including wine and dessert down to €10 for some of the lighter meals.


El Medano

Los Abrigos

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  • Ocean Dream Restaurant
  • Los Roques
  • La Tasquita del Puerto
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