Behaving Badly or Having Holiday Fun on Tenerife?

Mon, July 21st, 2014 - By Jack Montgomery

Even people who don’t watch Channel 5 must have spotted headlines in the British tabloids about OAPs behaving badly on Tenerife. The Canary Island has been portrayed as a holiday hell where you’re as likely to have a septuagenarian in a thong as a sun-scorched teenager, who’s had too many shots, throwing up over your shoes.

It’s all on film so, despite the shocked outrage from Tenerife fans, it must be a true representation of  Tenerife. Mustn’t it?

It’s true that Tenerife has resorts built purely to meet the needs of tourists looking for a good time in the sun. And it’s true that means lively bars and lots of downing of cool cervezas and colourful cocktails. But that’s no different from any popular sunny holiday destination.


After dark, Costa Adeje, Tenerife


What can you really expect from more mature tourists in Tenerife’s popular resort areas after dark?

Los Gigantes
Let’s start with Los Gigantes where an OAP behaving badly is likely to be someone accidentally burping after a particularly fizzy G&T. There are music bars and people enjoying themselves, but anyone who thinks nightlife in Los Gigantes involves rowdy pensioners is obviously more suited to a monastic cell on top of a mountain in remotest Tibet.

Los Cristianos
I have to admit to seeing a gang of third agers indulging in some particularly raunchy line dancing in Los Cristianos. In other words, they were kicking their feet about 6 inches off the ground shamelessly exposing their ankles. If you’re after wild OAPs, give Los Cristianos a miss.


Behaving badly at Carnival, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


Puerto de la Cruz
You can often see hordes of OAPs partying in Puerto de la Cruz, most of them Canarians. They salsa all night at street parties and scream gleefully at outrageously revealing carnival costumes. Behaving badly? Definitely not. Having fun? Most certainly.

Costa Adeje
Costa Adeje covers a wide area and has many faces. At one end there’s upmarket Playa del Duque, where you’ll struggle to find a bar let alone an OAP behaving badly in one. At the other, there’s San Eugenio and Torviscas where there are plenty of lively holiday bars. If granny belting out ‘Happy’ is your idea of people growing old disgracefully, then you’ve struck scandalous gold.


Entertainment in Costa Adeje, Tenerife


Playa de las Américas
The pariah of popular holiday destinations. This is the place other cheap ‘n’ cheerful holiday resorts look down their noses at. Playa de las Américas is possibly the most misrepresented holiday destination on the planet. The Los Cristianos end is swish and swanky with sophisticated flamenco shows, stylish restaurants and cool bars including a Hard Rock Café. At the other end is Veronica’s. It gets a bad name (usually from the people it isn’t actually aimed at). It’s for younger holidaymakers and they love it.  In between are music bars aplenty, many playing music that was dated when I was young – it’s delinquent pensioner heaven.
And yet what have I witnessed every time I’ve been in a bar there? People having a good time.


Entertainment in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife


Of course there are a few folk who ‘behave badly’ – that happens everywhere. Most of the time what you’ll see are folks letting their hair down a little (if they’ve any left) and simply enjoying their well earned holidays.

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