How to Get Off the Beaten Track on Tenerife

Fri, September 12th, 2014 - By Jack Montgomery

A question about Tenerife got me thinking how people visiting the island for the first time might view it.

The question was along the lines of ‘can you recommend some restaurants off the beaten track where locals eat?’

It wasn’t an easy question to answer. Not because I couldn’t think of any, but because I didn’t know where to start. There are hundreds if not thousands of restaurants that exist to feed the local Canarian population.
The ironic thing about Tenerife is that despite the island welcoming millions of tourists each year, much of it remains ‘off the beaten track’.

Because much of the publicity relating to Tenerife tends to focus on the most popular holiday resorts, there can be a misconception that most of the island is a tourist resort when the reality is that, geographically speaking, only a small area consists of resorts.

All of which means getting off the beaten track on Tenerife is easy wherever you stay.


Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife


The South of Tenerife
The resorts of Costa Adeje, Playa de las Américas and Los Cristianos now cover a sizeable chunk of the south of Tenerife. Subsequently finding places that are purely ‘local’ anywhere on the coast between El Médano and Los Gigantes in the south west isn’t an easy task. Even the town of Adeje in the hills attracts lots of visitors thanks to its proximity to the coastal resorts. The best bet is to head into the hills. The main road up to Teide National Park is on the coach excursion route, so a better plan to get off the well worn path is to head along the old road linking La Camella with Granadilla de Abona.


Los Silos, Tenerife


The West of Tenerife
The west is a case of an island of two halves. The south west is given over to resorts like Los Gigantes, Puerto Santiago and Playa de la Arena whereas across the Teno Mountains in the north west, places like Buenavista del Norte and Los Silos are historic little towns with not many visitors and a strong local flavour.


Rural road,La Orotava, Tenerife


The North of Tenerife
Outside of Puerto de la Cruz just about everywhere is off the beaten track territory in the north. Day trippers flock to La Orotava, but travel any road above the north coast and through the Orotava Valley and the restaurants you pass exist purely to feed the Canarian population.


Plaza Weyler, Santa Cruz, Tenerife


The East of Tenerife
The east coast has never attracted many tourists so much of it remains virgin territory for visitors. Plenty of cruises dock at Santa Cruz but move away from the centre and the vibe is Canarian through and through. Restaurants in picturesque Calle de la Noria are filled more by Santa Cruceros than visitors. La Laguna just up the hill is even more off the beaten track. Despite being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, relatively few visitors make their way to the island’s former capital.

In short, the way to get off the beaten track on Tenerife is simply to leave your resort and to steer clear of popular coach excursion routes.

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