Five Off The Beaten Track Tenerife Destinations

Fri, September 16th, 2011 - By Andrea Montgomery

Open any holiday website or brochure and you’ll find page after page of information about Tenerife’s resorts, browse any guide book and you’ll stumble upon Garachico, Masca and Teide National Park. But away from the big guns of coastal tourism and the must-see destinations, there are quaint hamlets and picturesque towns galore waiting to be discovered.

Surrounded by the borough of La Laguna and just waiting for a chocolate box lid to snap it up, is the town of Tegueste. Blessed with fertile, volcanic soil Tegueste is known for its perfect potatoes and plump, aromatic grapes.

An annual romería where ships with white sails are pulled through the village by oxen; producer of some of some fine Tenerife wine from the Lomo bodega and one of the best farmers’ markets on the island held on Saturday and Sunday mornings, Tegueste is a secret worth passing on.

Arico Nuevo
Possibly one of the reasons why Arico Nuevo rarely makes it onto the visitor radar despite its southern location, is because it’s hidden – literally. Surrounded by high walls with a narrow, easy-to-miss entrance from The Forgotten Road, or the TF28 as it appears on maps, Arico Nuevo has been hiding for almost 300 years.

Built in the 18th century by the great landowners of the area, Arico Nuevo is like the set of some period piece drama where cast and crew are having their lunch break. A maze of narrow, traffic-free streets lined with uniformly white buildings with crooked green doors and window frames spiral out from the photogenic church plaza. Park yourself at the El Pimentón restaurant, order a coffee and watch the world…well, do nothing.

Villa de Arico
Drive past the outskirts of Villa de Arico and you’d be forgiven for assuming it’s the Ugly Sister to Arico Nuevo’s Cinderella. But head behind the main street to the plaza and you’ll discover what is arguably one of Tenerife’s most beautiful churches –  the 18th century Iglesia de San Juan Bautista. A Baroque masterpiece, guarded at its entrance by two Drago tree sentries, the church stands in a square surrounded by traditional Canarian style houses with wooden balconies.

Rows of pretty, pastel coloured houses climb a narrow cobbled street alongside another attention grabbing Baroque church and the saffron walls of the Senderos de Abona Rural Hotel greet you in Granadilla. In the town centre the former Convent of San Luis Obispo is worth a look-in en route to the history museum. Housed in a traditional 19th century rural house, the quirky museum  is a warren of fascinating rooms with a gruesome Guanche burial chamber. Just make sure you’re packing paracetamol for the number of times those low beams will get you.

Los Silos
Overshadowed by its popular neighbour of Garachico and with streets too narrow for the tour buses, Los Silos is a real find. A beautiful Art Nouveau bandstand; a busy, picturesque plaza surrounded by traditional architecture; a Bohemian population who stage a storytelling festival and great tapas are just some of the town’s highlights. Throw into the mix an organic farmer’s market and a coast delightfully free of crowds and you’ll be checking out the Luz del Mar Hotel for next year’s holiday.

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