Beaches on Tenerife in Summer

Sat, August 6th, 2011 - By Jack Montgomery

It might sound odd but visitors to Tenerife’s  beaches between July and September will discover that the beach scene has a very different personality from the rest of the year.



Camping on the Beach
Winter visitors to the peaceful, idyllic cove at El Puertito between Playa Paraiso and La Caleta in Costa Adeje might not recognize it during summer. In July and August, Tenerife’s mobile home owners come out in force with the intention of spending the season camped out on the beach. Instead of a tranquil beauty spot, El Puertito takes on the appearance of a refugee camp. Other favourites with campers are El Puertito de Güímar; the stretch of coast between Playa de la Arena and Alcalá and Punta de Hidalgo where campers turn up their noses at the ‘official’ campsite by parking their motor homes right outside its perimeter. In summer, it’s probably not worth seeking out that far from the madding crowd, sandy beauty spot…unless it’s one that’s impossible to reach on four wheels.



Finding a Spot on the Beach
In summer Spanish mainlanders escaping the oppressive heat of the plains arrive in Tenerife in their tens of thousands. Suddenly beaches are filled with a sea of coloured umbrellas.
In winter the beaches of Tenerife’s main tourist resorts are populated by mature northern Europeans who like the comfort of a sun lounger. In summer the sun-beds lie empty, ignored by Spanish holidaymakers who prefer to lay out their towels on the beach. There is no question of ‘respecting the space’ of other sunbathers by leaving a polite distance between themselves and the people next door on the sand. In resorts like Puerto de la Cruz, huge extended families overlap on the sand so that trying to get to the sea involves a lot of tip-toe work and sucking in of tums to squeeze through the tiniest of gaps.
Spanish holidaymakers tend to set up camp as close to the water’s edge as possible, so stick to the rear of the beach and there should be space to breathe.

Sizzling Sands
There’s a reason why Spanish visitors stick close to the water’s edge in summer, especially on black sand beaches. Attempt to stroll to the sea for a cooling dip without flip flops and within seconds you’ll be a fully paid-up member of the Ministry of Silly Walks, or in this case silly runs. Black sand retains heat like hot coals – even thick towels may seem flimsy protection during the height of summer when temperatures soar into the mid 30s and the sand sizzles.



The final little quirk about Tenerife’s beaches is that some only put in an appearance in summer. This applies mainly to the north coast. Playa Socorro in Los Realejos is a shadow of itself outside of summer and Playa las Arenas near Buenavista del Norte simply ceases to exist in winter…yet from June to October it’s a popular black sand beauty.

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