The Beaches of Costa Adeje

Wed, August 8th, 2012 - By Andrea Montgomery

If there’s one resort on Tenerife that causes no end of confusion, it’s Costa Adeje. Ever since the marketing people decided that Tenerife needed a new, more upmarket image and began to lay the foundation stones in its first five star hotels, Costa Adeje has been growing and expanding so that now, it’s almost impossible to know where Playa de Las Américas ends and Costa Adeje begins.

Playa Troya, Costa Adeje

What’s more, the resort runs from the south west corner to the west coast, a distance that will baffle and annoy anyone who books a hotel in Callao Salvaje thinking they’re in walking distance of the shops and beaches of Costa Adeje. Technically they may be, but in reality they’ll spend most of their days slogging the coastal path in flip flops.

Playa La Pinta, Puerto Colón


When you’re planning your holiday to the sunshine coast of Adeje, it’s worth checking out if you’re going to be in El Duque or San Eugenio as there’s around 5km (3 miles) of shadeless foot slog between them. If you want to be near the marina and boat trips of Puerto Colón, opt for a hotel in Torviscas, but if you want to be near the nightlife of Playa de Las Américas, plump for neighbouring San Eugenio’s.

Fañabe Beach, Costa Adeje


And the same is true of the beaches that line the Costa Adeje coast from Playa Fañabe in (unsurprisingly) Fañabe to Playas Bobo and Troya in San Eugenio. Once you get beyond the manicured bay of Playa del Duque, other than the almost imperceptible variations of sun lounger tones, there’s nothing to distinguish one beach from another, but with different pricing policies, you could find yourself paying more for your parasol and two beds than the couple alongside you.

So to help you decide, here’s a quick visual guide to the main stretch of beaches that make up Costa Adeje from Fañabe to San Eugenio. Choose your beach and book your hotel accordingly. And don’t blame me if you still can’t see the join, blame Costa Adeje.

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  1. Yes I found this last time I was there. If you’ve never been before you think you are in a prime location only to find that one is to get very familiar with the coastal path during one’s stay. Glad you have posted this just to give people a heads up.

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