Andy’s Five Favourite Things About Tenerife

Fri, February 28th, 2014 - By Andrea Montgomery

I really thought I had made a big mistake waiting until last to pen my five Tenerife faves but in fact, I find that I can not only easily come up with a selection that doesn’t overlap, but I could just as easily have made it my top twenty. Hmmm, maybe that’s one for a future date…


Harbour, Puerto de la Cruz


Puerto Harbour
A stroll around the harbour in Puerto de la Cruz invariably lifts my spirits. It’s always a picturesque scene with its blue and white fishing boats bobbing lazily on the water, the beautiful Fish Wife sculpture who’s photographed with and by every visitor and the tanned, old men who sit at tables playing dominoes and cards. But more than that, from the venue for roasting chestnuts and tasting wine throughout November; the epicentre of nightly discos during Carnaval; the venue for Heineken Jazz Festival concerts and the pulsating heart of Embarkation Tuesday during July Fiestas, the harbour is a constant hub of happy activity and an emblematic slice of Tenerife culture.


Anaga Mountains


Walking in the Anaga Mountains
Anyone who knows me knows I’m at my happiest when I’m hiking up mountains, down valleys and across spectacular landscapes, and nowhere does that better on Tenerife than the Anaga Mountains. I love the challenge of their untamed terrain; the white houses and neat terraces of hamlets where life has changed little in the last 50 years; the beauty of the wild flower displays in spring and the face of a Tenerife unknown to all but a comparative handful of residents and visitors.


Pico Viejo, La Gomera, El Hierro


The View From Mount Teide
As diverse and spectacular as Tenerife is, it’s easy to overlook one of the most amazing things about the island – the fact that it is at the very heart of a wondrous archipelago. Taking the cable car to a couple of hundred metres below the peak of Mount Teide reminds me of that fact. When I stand overlooking the crater of Pico Viejo and can see La Gomera and El Hierro floating on the horizon to the south and La Palma to the west, I feel like I’m in outer space, riding a satellite which is photographing Earth. It’s an emotional and humbling experience.


Garachico, Tenerife


Plaza de La Libertad, Garachico
Tenerife’s most picturesque plaza. I love the Moorish-looking façade of Convento De San Francisco fronted by lush date palms, the pink frontage of Hotel La Quinta Roja and the statue of Simon de Bolivar which seems permanently to have a pigeon on its head. And when I’ve had my fill of watching life unfold in the bandstand café and the plaza, I just head out to the rock pools of Garachico to enjoy another of my favourite spots.


Champagne breakfast at El Monasterio


Champagne Breakfast at El Monasterio
Now something of a tradition in our house, heading into Los Realejos to the El Mirador restaurant of El Monasterio for a champagne breakfast is a wonderful way to start a special day or to end a visit from family and friends. Lashings of fragrant coffee, fresh orange juice, crispy bacon or smoked salmon with soft scrambled eggs and enough hot, freshly baked bread to feed the entire restaurant are accompanied by a chilled glass of bubbly and breathtaking views over the La Orotava Valley and the ocean. Bliss.

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