Getting From the Airport to Your Resort on Tenerife

Wed, September 4th, 2013 - By Jack Montgomery

The flight to Tenerife was only delayed by 30 minutes. But it was enough for us to miss the last direct bus from Tenerife South Airport back to Puerto de la Cruz where we live.

It was after 11pm so the options for getting home were seriously limited. But at least we knew what they were.

What if someone’s a new visitor to the island and aren’t arriving on a package holiday with transfer included? How do they get from the airport to their resort at various times of the day?

As all British flights touch done at Tenerife Sur (Tenerife South Airport) I’m going to ignore Tenerife Norte, although the methods for travelling from it to towns and resorts are the same.


Bus Stop, Tenerife South Airport


Local Buses
This is our preferred way to travel from the airport. Local buses are cheap, especially with a bono card which you can pick up at the Alpispa shop in the airport. They are also quite quick and efficient, sometimes quicker than coach transfers because you’re not dropping people off at hotel after hotel.

Getting to Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas is relatively easy during the day as the 111 route runs every 30 minutes from 6.30am until 11pm. After that there can be a wait of two hours throughout the night so it all comes down to timing.
There is an electronic board at the bus stop, so you should be able to easily tell if you’ve hit the jackpot and a bus is due, or if the travel gods are having a laugh and there isn’t another for ages.

For Puerto de la Cruz, the 343 leaves runs regularly between Los Cristianos and Puerto de la Cruz between 8.30am and 11pm. After that it’s a case of jumping on a 111 to Santa Cruz and changing to the 102 which runs through the night. Having done that one too many times, it is a pain.

For Los Gigantes area it’s even worse. Catch the 111 to Los Cristianos and change to the 477 or 473 to Los Gigantes. But the 477 service stops around 6.30pm and the 473 at 11.10pm. After that you’re in taxi land.

You can work out routes in advance at but good luck, it’s a confusing website.


Taxi Stand, Tenerife South Airport


They’re always an option albeit an expensive one. At least €31 to Los Cristianos, €34 to Playa de las Américas and parts of Costa Adeje, €58 to Los Gigantes and €100 to Puerto de la Cruz.

Private Transfers
Another popular option is to pre-arrange a private transfer. There are a few options around (Google search ‘transfers from Tenerife south’) offering very good value options in a shared bus and even individual transfers at prices that are usually better than a taxi.


Car Hire, Tenerife South Airport


Finally, as long as you arrive before midnight, you could always do what we did; hire a car for the journey. Hiring a car for a day cost us a lot less than either a taxi or private transfer and we were able to drive right to our front door.

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