Admiring The Sand Sculptures

Fri, December 19th, 2014 - By Colin

The kids’ buckets and spades will have to go some to match the new breed of large, extravagant sand sculptures that adorn many of the main Tenerife resorts. Some visitors are not keen on what they see as a form of begging but the authorities have tried to regulate these impressive artists. Arona and Adeje councils have led the way by making the sculptors register and pay a pre-arranged percentage in the form of a tax. If you look closely you should see a laminated copy of a certificate displayed by the artworks.


sand sculpture


Even the most cynical passers-by can’t fail to be impressed by the quality and detail of the work. The richest vein of creativity can be found on the stretch from Playa de Las Americas to Los Cristianos. On the smaller beaches like Playa del Bobo the castles jostle for space with sun loungers but on the bigger curves of sand like Playa de Troya they are able to spread out at the back of the beach with some protection from over eager children.


sand sculpture


Religious themes are very popular and fit in with the extraordinary number of Saints’ Days in the Canary Islands. Tapping into modern culture is a good way to grab attention, Smurfs and Lego figures have found many new sand homes. How about a nice water feature, small pumps add an eye catching flow?


sand sculpture


I miss the seasonal changes. Before the legalisation of these works they were often destroyed overnight by the authorities but now they are long term fixtures with just odd tweaks and updates. The festive season does inspire some new creations to capture the busy season audience, and even a sprinkling of white colouring chimes with the Christmas and New Year visitors.


Sand sculpture


Night time promenaders get an extra treat as candles in glass pots spring into life for an air of magic. Playa Las Vistas and Las Tarajales in Los Cristianos boast some of the biggest castles, it takes some effort to keep them in prime condition. One of the tricks is the addition of an adhesive binding agent to the water that is constantly sprayed over the works. Ornate edging, turrets, and stairways need a finer touch, there always seems to be running repairs.


sand sculpture


As someone whose bucket moulded castles sunk like a bad soufflé, I find the sculptors’ art a welcome distraction when taking the coastal air.

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