My 5 Favourite Places to Eat Ice Cream in South Tenerife

Mon, September 19th, 2011 - By Linda

Ice cream, they say, was invented in Italy, so the current trend to gelato is no surprise. Me, I’m an addict, not to ice cream in general, but to exceptional ice creams, not the big-brand names, but those which usually have words like “homemade,” “natural ingredients,” or in Spanish, “artesania” used to describe them.

Sadly for my pocket and hips there are too many places these days selling helados, and the ingenuity with which they invent new flavours amazes. So far, in Tenerife, I haven’t found bacon flavour, which travellers in Mexico have reported, or pizza flavour, which you can find in New York, but we certainly have a good selection.

Flavours like bubble gum or liquorice are no longer unusual, and exotic fruits are popular. Papaya, mango and passionfruit can be found everywhere, and there is little more refreshing in a Tenerife heatwave.

Here’s my pick of the best ice cream parlours in the main southern resort towns.

1. No hesitation about the best ice cream parlour in Los Cristianos – La Golosa, which has been in the same location, towards the end of Geranium Walk, just before the Sunday market site, as long as I remember. They have the quality and selection which set it above other ice cream parlours, in a town where they are prolific. Their gelato is rich, and has that dense-but-still-light quality which perfect Italian ice cream should have. Latest addition to their repertoire is rose, a delicate flavour perfect for a sultry day.

2. I might be biased, but my very favourite, Heladeria Demaestri, is in my home town of El Médano. You’ll find it in Plaza Roja, close to the harbour wall. Try their chocolate brownie or zupa ingles (trifle!) which are rich and delicious, or palma violet or cinnamon for a more subtle taste. Sit in their colourful shop or take your ice cream to the boardwalk and savour it as the world passes by.

3. Another shop which has been around for a long time, well before gelatos became fashionable, is Ferrari on Las Galletas promenade, near Costa del Silencio. It’s also another great spot for enjoying ice cream and people watching, especially as the sun sets over the Atlantic.

4. Like many residents, I don’t go to Playa de las Americas much, so I asked around, and everyone, bar none, told me to try the same one. Gelatomania on Geranium Walk, near Sallytien. This was the biggest and most exotic selection; flavours included Baileys, Coca Cola, Heineken, Red Bull, apple pie and champagne, plus the intriguing Smurf and penguin among others.

5. 5th place was a hard choice but it goes back to Los Cristianos, and Gelandia, just a short stroll from the main beach. Their choice is perhaps less than in some, but does include some more Spanish ones, like gofio (a local cereal) or leche merengada, a refreshing mix of milk, lemon and cinnamon.

Gelato isn’t confined to the main resorts, over the past few months I’ve enjoyed them in Garachico, Adeje, Guimar and La Laguna too, so if you prefer sightseeing to beaches you don’t need to miss out! Tenerife, as always, seems to have something for everyone.

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