10 Popular Questions About Tenerife

Mon, September 9th, 2013 - By Jack Montgomery

Here are ten common questions about holidays on Tenerife in one neat and easy to digest little package.

Are there mosquitoes in Tenerife?
Yes. But not many. Some people never see a mosquito on Tenerife. If you’re in parts that are more lush and near water reservoirs (e.g. banana plantations) you hear the occasional high pitched buzz. Generally speaking resorts like Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas are mossie free whilst there might be some in parts of Puerto de la Cruz, especially around September.

Can you swim in the sea in winter on Tenerife?
Yes. Sea temperatures vary little between summer and winter. I’ve swam in the sea in January. However, it is the Atlantic, so there is often a sharp intake of breath factor.


Los Cristianos, Winter, Tenerife


What’s the best way to get from the airport to my resort on Tenerife?
We’ve just covered that one in detail here.

Is it better to get around by bus or by hire car?
Public buses are efficient and cheap, especially with a bono. If staying in Costa Adeje, Las Américas, Los Cristianos, Puerto de la Cruz, La Laguna or Santa Cruz, there are extensive bus routes. In places like Los Gigantes and the east coast resorts of El Médano, Golf del Sur and Costa del Silencio, routes are limited. If you really want to explore or enjoy hiking, a car is best.


Carnival, Santa Cruz, Tenerife


What is the best time of year to visit Tenerife?
That’s a matter of personal preference. The island has more northern European visitors in winter and mainland Spanish in summer, lending it a different vibe at both times. Summer is hot and dry, winter is warm and mostly dry but there can be the chance of rain (Oct/Nov and Feb/Mar especially).  The best fiesta, carnival, takes place in winter (Feb or March).

Are there cockroaches on Tenerife?
It’s a sub tropical island, there are cockroaches on Tenerife like there are cockroaches in all hot places (and not so hot for that matter). Most of the time you’re unlikely to see any. But watch out for that crunchy feeling underfoot after dark.


Puerto Colon, Costa Adeje, Tenerife


Are children welcome in Tenerife’s restaurants?
The Canarios dote on children and, in traditional areas especially, children are welcomed with open arms and lots of ‘que guapa’ comments.

Can you sunbathe on Tenerife in winter?
Simply put, yes. It’s warm enough to strip off any month of the year.

Is safety an issue on Tenerife?
As a general rule there is more chance of petty crime in the bigger resort areas than in more traditional areas where the locals all know each other. But saying that, having travelled extensively around the world, Tenerife (and the Canary Islands) are the safest places I’ve ever visited. Some of the English press on the island publish more ‘negative’ news stories than positive ones, thereby giving an exaggerated impression of reality.

When is out of season on Tenerife?
There is no low season on Tenerife. The majority of bars, clubs and restaurants open year round because the weather, unlike most resort destinations, is great all year. Some bars and restaurants in northern areas like Puerto de la Cruz take their holidays in May, which is as close to having a low season as it gets.

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